Elvis Presley

Here is my Elvis Presley caricature and some of the sketches I did before. Done for the Elvis Presley Contest over at sketchoholic.com.


Two and a Half Ben

I want to share a little projekt I´ve been working on and off for a little while. It´s a combination of 2D and 3D. I did the LipSync Animation in ToonBoom and painted all of the eye and mouthshaps in Photoshop. The very simple Modeling, Rigging and 3D-Animation part was done in XSI. I really want to thank Walter Volbers for his support and the rendering part on this projekt. Hope you like the catchy sound.



After a long time messing around with 3D Stuff. It feels really good to do somthing analog.


PS Vita

This is a little Spot I animated last year for the new PS Vita
YouTube App. Have fun.



Memory Sketch

This is a memory sketch of a funny businessman who starts yelling at me,
because I inadvertently parked on his personal parking space.


Rodrigo Huerta

This is a caricature I did of Rodrigo Huerta, a pretty nice guy and very talented animator who works for Dreamworks Animation. Rodrigo gave an animation workshop at the animation-school-hamburg last year, which I was part of. It was super interesting and very motivating to hear what Rodrigo has to say and we all had a lot of fun hanging out together and showing him the HOT SPOT´s in Hamburg (If you know what I mean).


People in Motion

Another one from the animation school life drawing class.
These are 2 min. and 3 min. poses.